Sleep Control Pack (All 3 Packs)


1) Deep Sleep Beats | Use binaural beat technology to guide you to the perfect brain wavelength for a deep restorative quality of sleep every night. Designed to activate your natural delta brainwaves found in the deep stages of sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. Contains over 1hr of Theta & Deep Delta wave Binaural Beats. Learn More

2) Slow Wave Sleep | This pack is perfect for recharging with a 30-minute nap, deep meditation, study, anti-anxiety & focus. A combination of Theta & Delta waves are used to get you into the desired brainwave frequency as quickly as possible. Contains four powerful 30-minute binaural tracks. Learn more

3) Lucid Dreaming | Here we use a mix of Alpha & Theta waves that will increase your ability to enter the brainwave required to have lucid dreams. Contains over 1hr of Alpha & Theta Binaural Beats to help you fall asleep quickly but to keep your brainwaves active enough to lucid dream through the night. Learn More

Benefits Include:

★ Fall asleep quicker & easier, by stimulating your brainwaves down to a relaxed frequency state.
★ Reduces stress & anxiety
★ Deeper meditation and relaxation
★ Better chance of having nightly lucid dreams
★ Increased mindfulness and positivity
★ Increased cognitive function
★ Improve alertness and stamina
★ Elevate your mood

  • Digital download for instant delivery.
  • 100% satisfaction or a full refund.
  • Headphones are required.


Warning: Please do not use brainwave beats such Delta or Theta frequencies while operating a motor vehicle, or at any other time when you need to be fully awake and alert. Do not use binaural beats if you’re pregnant, wear a pacemaker or have epilepsy.