Binaural Beats | What Are They?

Our brainwaves change throughout the day based on what we're experiencing, for example, when we're sleeping and deeply relaxed our brain enters what is called the Theta or Delta state, when we are frantically running about working throughout the day we are in the alpha or beta state, depending on the activities we're doing at the time. Although our brainwaves can be observed we don't have natural control over them. However, by using binaural beats we can shift our brainwaves into the state we desire, on demand.

Binaural sounds work by playing one frequency in the left ear and simultaneously play another in the right. The difference between these two tones is called “beating”. The sound of this beat is the desired vibration that we need to activate the desired brainwave. for example, if we set 55 Hz to play in the right ear and 56 Hz in the left ear, this creates the 1 Hz beat (the brain creates this frequency to compensates for the difference), thus activating the Delta brainwaves, this naturally helps you easily and naturally get into a more relaxed state.

It's essential to use earphones with binaural beats for optimal results.

Thanks to years of research and hard work we have developed and divided these beats into audio files you can listen to whenever you wish to activate the state you desire, whether it be Delta for deeper high-quality sleep or Theta/Alpha for short naps and to increase lucidity when dreaming when you do not wish to enter a deep REM sleep. They are accompanied by some easy listening melodies to make the listening experience even more enjoyable and relaxing. 

When resting or during deep focus, flow or relaxation, we enter the Theta and Delta states.
Brainwaves change based on what we are experiencing at any given time and how we are reacting to our environment. They help us optimize mental functionality for each situation we encounter. There are five common brain-wave states. Gamma, beta, alpha, theta, and delta—and each one is put to its optimal and best use when it's needed. 


Gamma Wave

This is peak state, heightened awareness, memory processing and where learning occurs. 40Hz is considered optimal.


Beta Wave

This is our base state of awareness throughout the day, it regulates our concentration, alertness, focus and energy levels


Alpha Wave  This is a flow state, when you are relaxed and not actively thinking but deeply focussed on a task, this state is known to be good for reducing stress and anxiety. This is used in conjunction with the Theta state to activate lucid dreams and creativity.


Delta Wave The state when your body repairs, the Delta state is the slowest form of brainwaves and enters us in a deep dreamless state, When the main brainwave is delta our body is repairing and not actively dreaming or processing information.


Theta Wave This is a deep meditative state, associated with heavy relaxation or light sleep. This state is perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety and feeling well rested. We use this in our audios to help enter state to meditate, nap, lucid dream or get some rejuvenation on demand during the day.

How Binaural Beats work?

.When we are at work, playing sports or during similar states when our mind is generally racing we are usually in the Alpha and Beta brainwave states. We do not naturally control these brainwave states, however binaural-beats help shift us into our desired brain-wave state much quicker.

Binaural-beats work by playing one chosen tone in one ear and a slightly different on in the other ear. The difference between these two tones is what is called “beating”. This “beating” is the vibration the same speed as the brainwave we desire. Our brain then adapts to this brainwave as it tries to make up the difference in the sound between the two tones.

These are also designed to assist you in meditation, relaxation, study, creativity and focus.
That’s where binaural brain-wave entrainment comes in. This helps you reach faster the theta and delta waves that help you get a incredible quality sleep or deep relaxation within minutes. We have developed and split these beats into audio files that you can turn to when you wish to activate the desired state, wether its Theta or Delta to enter either deep sleep, take a nap or just focus and meditate.

What Can Binaural Beats Do For Me?

★ Fall asleep easier, by stimulating your brainwaves down to a relaxed frequency state.
★ Reduces stress & anxiety
★ Deeper meditation and relaxation
★ Improved physical body healing
★ Better chance of having nightly lucid dreams
★ Increased mindfulness and positivity
★ Increased cognitive function
★ Fall asleep quickly, by rapidly accessing the theta brainwave state.
★ Wake up refreshed, we ease you out of your nap just before deep delta wave sleep begins.
★ Improve alertness and stamina
★ Increase your productivity and motor performance
★ Elevate your mood
★ Conscious memory improvement.

If you want to rapidly change mood and state of mind to sleep, meditate or relax, binaural beats are likely the answer you're looking for. We have created perfect mix of healthy and effective binaural beats that help you get into the natural relaxed frequencies and states on demand. You can see our different options here.

No more tossing and turning for hours, the beats can take you from the more alert Alpha and Beta states that can cause restlessnesses and anxiety when you're trying to wind down, relax or focus and help your brain get into the Theta and Delta frequencies that usually only occur when we are in the deeper stages of sleep.  

In fact we’re so confident you will love it that if at any stage you are not happy with the results, simply email any of our team for a 100% no fuss refund.

Some further reading & Clinical Studies on the Effectiveness of Binaural Beats

1. Decreased anxiety after exposure to Delta waves.

2. Reduced anxiety for pre operative patients.

Warning;   Please do not use brainwave beats such Delta or Theta frequencies while operating a motor vehicle, or at any other time when you need to be fully awake and alert. Do not use binaural beats if you're pregnant, wear a pacemaker or have epilepsy.