• A Guaranteed Great Sleep

    Proven to target & activate Delta and Theta brainwaves using binaural technology for deep sleep, reducing anxiety & to relax, meditate or study.

  • No More Tossing & Turning, This Works

    By activating the deeper delta brainwaves used in sleep you will get much higher quality REM sleep, every time.

  • 3 Sleep Choices

    Each mix offers different Binaural sessions to help you quicker achieve the brainwave you want. such as, deep sleep, 30 minute nap or lucid dreaming.

Binaural Beat Technology

Created to guide you to the perfect brain wavelength to ensure the perfect sleep.

Instant Digital Delivery

You will receive them direct to your email as soon as you order, so that you can begin now!

What Can Binaural Beats Do For Me?

They are used to reduce anxiety, enter deep meditation, relaxation, sleep and studying.

“of all the biohacks in the world, if I had to personally choose to keep only one, it would be my binaural beats"

Aubery Marcus - C.E.O Onnit

Delta Wave Sample - Deep Sleep Pack

A sample of the Delta waves, the two tones are playing constantly in the background to create the binaural beat required to activate the Delta brain waves found in deep sleep. All tracks have a soothing melody to make the experience of falling into deep sleep even more blissful.

How The Technology Works?

Our brainwaves change during the day based on what we're experiencing, when we're relaxed, our brain enters what is called the Theta state. while busy working during the day we're in the beta state. Although our brainwaves can be observed we don't have control over them. However, by using binaural beats we can shift our brainwaves into the state we desire.

Binaural sounds work by playing one tone in the left ear and simultaneously playing another tone in the right. The difference between these two tones is called “beating”. If you’re playing 90HZ frequency in your left ear, and then 100HZ in your right ear, the result should be that your brain experiences a combined sound of 95HZ This beat is the vibration we need to activate the desired brainwave. In our case, Theta or Delta for sleep.

If for any reason you find binaural beats are not for you. simply let us know by contacting any of our staff direct for an 100% no fuss refund and you get to keep the product.